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Welcome to the website of Southeast Michigan Mensa (SEMM). We are a local group (chapter) in Region 3 of American Mensa which, in turn, is part of Mensa International.  Mensa is the largest of the international high IQ societies.

Thanks to everyone who participated in National Testing Day 2003. If you missed out and are interested in joining Mensa, please see our Testing page.

Think about patents andcopyright as well so copyright basicallycoverscopyright covers artistic creative Sydney Property Valuers worksmusical works lead tree works and againthat might sound quite technical butbasically the minute you take aphotograph this film that's being madeof me now that is a copyright workbecause of the original act of textingyour photograph writing something issketching something a novel a diary ablog a website the photographs thatyou've got on your website there are allthings that can be protected bycopyright and.

Some other world-class development projects underway in Sunny Isles are the Porsche Design Tower, the Residences by Armani/Casa, the Fendi Chateau Residences and the Ritz-Carlton Residences, just to name a few. The Estates at Aqualina will be located at 17901 Collins Ave and are slated to finish construction sometime in 2019. Pre-construction buyers must put down a 50% deposit to secure a unit. Real estate investors from will also not be allowed to buy units and try to flip them once construction has finished as the property is being marketed as a place where people will actually live.

After we showed how prices for homes and condos in Miami slipped in August a few posts back, we have just received some encouraging data! Sales for single-family homes and condos in Miami rose a healthy 5% in September since the same month last year.

August saw a lot of stagnation as investors began to forgo the purchase of older units with the anticipation of newer units hitting the market. What we saw in September was an increase in the number of closings to a total of 1,166 for homes and 1,425 for condos.

Property valuer job decription stage number two is when the whole thing's already either hummingalong and you're buying a bunch ofproperties and then you have aconsolidation stage where you'rereviewing the performance of yourproperties some of them may be havingperformed as well as you thought othershave underperformed others have donebetter than you thought so you mightwant to sell their on some of the worstones and bind the bare areas and theneventually number.

The reany factors that you see any risks inany markets and what are they higherinterest rates is that a flying pigheart they're always the enemy of thehousing market are they not yes butfolks you know that there is no ifanybody says you are yeah but what ifinterest rates rise will you say themule if interest rates rise we're goingto have a huge party and let me tell youI'm the one who's going to fund itbecause it will mean our economy isfinally out of the mire we're finallystarting to grow again consumers arespending again businesses are investingagain prices are rising you know we'restaying to feel good about things theReserve Bank's getting a little nervouscause inflation staying to kick up thatwould be good news for all of usunfortunately we are not going to seeinterest rates rise again unless we geta currency crisis and then who cares fora very long time I mean the US have beentrying to get their interest rates upfor two years now they decided to raiseinterest rates at the end of last yearafter months of navel-gazing they putthem up by a quarter of a percent andpanicked all through this year becausethey continue to see an underperformancefrom their economy now they may want toraise interest they may raise interestrates again in December but it's a toughcall for them because they are concernedabout flattening what it's still.

What's New?

11/15/03 Want to help plan our next regional gathering -- SEMMantics XXVISee the RG website for details!
  December M-Pathy now online! (password help)
6/26/03 SEMM Web Redesign
After long months of planning, Southeast Michigan Mensa's new website is here!  We're still under construction and will continue adding functionality but the basic look and navigation structure are complete. Work out that house prices are going to drop like people say in some areas? How do we get those figures?Steve That's really, in some ways, working from experience what happened when other bubblesburst. It varies from country to country, obviously, how far it will go. America's pricesfell % before they started to recover. Japan prices down over %. England prices felland rose again, which can happen because acceleration is quite a weird bee, so mortgage debt isstill falling, but house prices are rising.

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